Setting up a WiFi Hotspot made easy!

With a Netcomm Wireless Hotspot, businesses can now afford to setup a wireless internet service for their customers.

The hotspot is easy to setup, making it ideal for small businesses such as coffee shops. In the standard configuration a 50m coverage area is achievable.

The Netcomm HS1200 is the standard Hotspot suitable for coffee shops, retail stores, restaurants, car washes and small motels.

The standard hotspot has a range up to 50m.

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As the Netcomm Hotspot is built on a commercial platform it can be expanded to suit larger areas.

Businesses such as hotels, train stations, libraries, conference and shopping centres will often require an expanded wireless hotspot.

The expanded hotspot has a range up to 200+ metres.

A range of antennas, access points, boosters and bridges are available..

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